Monday, January 19, 2015

Dr. Sponge ~ The best way to clean your skin!!

Have you heard of Dr. Sponge or Konjac sponge?  It is my new favorite way to clean my skin.  Not only does it leave my epidermis feeling clean, moist and nourished, this amazing face and body cleanser is soap-free, biodegradable, eco-friendly and all-natural!  What's more, this cleanser is so sensitive it is even great for babies; in fact, it was originally made for infants.

Dr. Sponge is made from the exotic Asian plant, Konjac, which is commonly used in food and dietary supplements.  This nurturing plant, with its plentiful supply of beneficial vitamins and minerals, is excellent for the skin.  The natural texture of the sponge gently cleans while lightly exfoliating your skin to keep it nourished, healthy and happy.  Dr. Sponge combines the plant with other healthy ingredients like aloe vera and lavender so you can purchase a sponge directed to your skin type.  "Dr. Sponge works great at cleaning pores, removing make-up, dirt, oil and blackheads, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized," according to the Dr. Sponge informational packet.

Dr. Sponge offers seven different options in skincare treatments including: Original for all skin types, Aloe Vera for dry skin, Charcoal for oily or combination skin, Lavender for stressed skin, Lycopene for mature skin, Pearl Powder for dull skin and Green Tea for dry or normal skin.  All of these options are available in the facial sponge and body sponge.  I use the Aloe Vera variety and love how smooth, clean and moisturized my skin feels.  Furthermore, the sponges are pH balanced.  

What makes this product even better is the price!  At only $8 per facial cleansing sponge this beauty product will last two to three months when stored properly.  (Instructions included in each box).

To buy a Dr. Sponge click here.

Local (Hilton Head and Bluffton) people can also purchase them at Pure Natural Market on the island.  If you haven't checked out Pure Natural Market it is worth a visit.  It has an amazing assortment of healthy and eco-friendly products, and be sure to try one of their delicious, organic smoothies!

I hope you enjoy your Dr. Sponge as much as I do!!  Let me know how you like it!

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