Friday, November 23, 2012

Non-dairy Calcium Sources

Friday, November 9, 2012

Buddah Bowl Recipe

This is a fun recipe inspired by my favorite vegetarian restaurant on HHI, Delisheee Yo.  They serve what they call Buddah Bowls, which is a "changing offering of simple steamed grain."  My addiction to this delicious lunch led me to start creating it at home.  Not only is it healthy, but Emerson loves it.  This is also a great way to use your leftover quinoa or rice from the night before.

Mommy and Baby Buddah Bowls:

(Note: I eyeball my ingredients).  In the picture above I used our leftover quinoa from the previous night and added a dollop of fresh almond butter, a dash of cinnamon, chopped fresh Italian parsley, homemade apple cider vinaigrette (recipe below) and  a selection of fresh veggies.  In this meal I used beets, avocado and green onions.  Feel free to play around with the vegetables and use which ever ones you like.  Some suggestions: carrots, chick peas, sprouts, kale, bell peppers, tomatoes...the list can go on forever.  :)  I think next time I will add a dollop of hummus instead of almond butter.

Apple Cider Vinaigrette:
A dollop of dijon mustard (maybe a tablespoon or so)
A short pour of Apple Cider Vinegar (maybe a few tablespoons)
Chopped fresh Italian parsley (again I simply eyeball it until it looks like enough)
Wisk together the above ingredients while pouring in Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

You can check out Delisheee Yo's website here:

Enjoy and Healthy Regards!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Amber Teething Necklace

(Update on 3.22.13 about where to buy at the bottom of this blog post)

It was a rough few days in the Hillis household.  Our normally very happy little man was becoming increasingly irritable.  After four restless days and nights, we were desperate!  Teething hurts!  I really do not like giving Emerson medicine and prefer to take the natural route whenever possible.  My friend swears by the raw amber teething necklace.  I was a skeptic, but remember I was desperate.  On Tuesday when I finally got my uncomfortable little nug down for a nap I immediately took to the internet to rush order a raw amber teething necklace.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  I was so excited when the necklace arrived on Wednesday.  We immediately opened the box and put the necklace on Emerson.  I have to say....these skeptics became believers!  We noticed a difference right away, and he slept amazing last night!  I wish I had bought one a year ago!!

Some notes when ordering your necklace:
Raw amber works the best because it has higher levels of succinic acid, which is the natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory found in amber.  Typically, the lighter the color the stronger the amber; however, too high amounts of succinic acid can irritate the skin.  Therefore, we chose a medium colored necklace.  (Emerson has sensitive skin).  The necklace is supposed to be worn against the skin (under clothes) and is not meant as a "teether" or to be chewed on by your teething infant.  The heat from the skin causes the acid to release.  It also works best if it is worn 24/7.  We co-sleep so it is easy for me to keep an eye on him while he wears it to sleep, but I can see how this would worry some parents whose children sleep in another room.  The necklace is only $19 and can be purchased via the link below.  I recommend this one because the beads are individually tied so if your little one breaks it beads do not go everywhere.

Buy Teething Necklace Here!

Good luck to all the parents of teething infants!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012


I had a great call with Dr. Bill Sears last night.  The majority of the call was shared discussing Omega-3 Fatty Acid, which is an essential fatty acid (EFA).  Even though Omega-3 is essential to our health, our bodies cannot make it.  We must get it from food and supplements.  However, most of us do not get enough Omega-3 in our diets.  (Most people have plenty of Omega-6).  The best way to get Omega-3 is through Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon.  Dr. Bill recommends 1 fist-sized portion of Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon twice a week.  It is also beneficial to supplement with flax seeds and/or chia seeds, which I put in our smoothies every morning.  (You can also find my yummy homemade cereal recipe here, which has lots of flax and chia seeds).  Fish Oil supplements are also available, but remember these are "supplements" not "replacements."  This means they should be taken "in addition to" not "instead of" your weekly fish intake.

EFAs can benefit our health and bodies in many ways.  They build healthy brain cells and reduce the risk of heart disease.  They also lower the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer.  EFAs are very important for children and improve their learning and attention spans.  Omega-3 is a natural mood elevator and regulator, this is especially beneficial in premenopausal and perimenopausal women.  They improve cognitive function in elderly people, promote healthy skin and help improve vision and night vision.

My family and I have increased our Omega-3 fatty acid intake through fish, supplements, flax seeds and chia seeds, and we already feel the difference.  My husband (a non-fish eater) has started eating fish and supplementing.  He has already noticed a significant improvement in his mental focus and clarity.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Omega-3, Dr. Bill has a new book called The Omega-3 Effect.  You can order it through Amazon by clicking on the link below:

Happy and Healthy Regards!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Is Sugar Toxic?"

I shared this video via email a while back and feel the information is worth sharing again.  After you click on the link below you can read the article and/or click "Watch the segment" below the picture of sugars.  Enjoy and healthy regards!;videoMetaInfo

November Attitude Challenge

I cannot believe it is already November!  The Holidays will be here before we know it!  As we approach my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, I would like to present you all with a November Attitude Challenge.  Create a gratitude list everyday from now until Thanksgiving and share it each evening with your family (or write in your journal).  This is a great conversation for the dinner table, and you can have your whole family join in the fun.  A gratitude list is 3 good things that happened that day and 3 things for which you are thankful.  It helps to be as specific as possible when making your lists so they do not get redundant.  Some days may be more difficult than others, but it is particularly meaningful on those days when you feel like "Negative Nancy."  This activity will help put you in a positive mind-frame.  When we put good energy out into the universe we receive good energy back.  Give thanks!

My example Gratitude List from yesterday (Halloween):

Three Good things that happened today:
1 - Emerson got his first Chiropractic Adjustment and loved it!  (I will blog about this next week after I have mine).
2 - We got some delicious organic veggies from our favorite farm store, Back to Nature, and made a yummy healthy dinner.
3 - We had a blast handing out candy and playing with the neighbors Halloween night.

Three things I am thankful for:
1 - My loving and supportive husband, who makes me laugh everyday...(today by purchasing full-sized candy bars for our Trick or Treaters...we will be the most popular house in the neighborhood).
2 - My beautiful, happy and healthy son, who amazes me and also makes me laugh everyday.
3 - That I get to design a career from home so I can be with my son (who is asleep next to me as I write).

Anti-Cancer Superfruits

Here is some great information my wonderful husband shared with me this morning. Remember: Organic is best!  Enjoy!