Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Attitude Challenge

I cannot believe it is already November!  The Holidays will be here before we know it!  As we approach my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, I would like to present you all with a November Attitude Challenge.  Create a gratitude list everyday from now until Thanksgiving and share it each evening with your family (or write in your journal).  This is a great conversation for the dinner table, and you can have your whole family join in the fun.  A gratitude list is 3 good things that happened that day and 3 things for which you are thankful.  It helps to be as specific as possible when making your lists so they do not get redundant.  Some days may be more difficult than others, but it is particularly meaningful on those days when you feel like "Negative Nancy."  This activity will help put you in a positive mind-frame.  When we put good energy out into the universe we receive good energy back.  Give thanks!

My example Gratitude List from yesterday (Halloween):

Three Good things that happened today:
1 - Emerson got his first Chiropractic Adjustment and loved it!  (I will blog about this next week after I have mine).
2 - We got some delicious organic veggies from our favorite farm store, Back to Nature, and made a yummy healthy dinner.
3 - We had a blast handing out candy and playing with the neighbors Halloween night.

Three things I am thankful for:
1 - My loving and supportive husband, who makes me laugh everyday...(today by purchasing full-sized candy bars for our Trick or Treaters...we will be the most popular house in the neighborhood).
2 - My beautiful, happy and healthy son, who amazes me and also makes me laugh everyday.
3 - That I get to design a career from home so I can be with my son (who is asleep next to me as I write).

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