Monday, July 8, 2013

Going Green ~ Creating a Non-Toxic Kitchen ~ Products I Love

In our efforts to have a "greener" and healthier house, we are ridding our kitchen of plastic, non-stick cookware and other toxic kitchen items.  We used to drink water out of plastic cups, plastic water bottles and plastic sippy cups.  We used plastic containers to store our food, plastic cooking utensils (spoons, ladles, and spatulas), and toxic non-stick cookware.

In my research I discovered that even plastic that is "BPA free" (bisphenol A) is still harmful.  When a product is BPA free it still has other bisphenols, which are equally as toxic if not more toxic than BPA.  In fact, many recent studies have shown bisphenol S (BPS) to be at least as toxic as BPA.  BPA is an estrogen-mimicking compound, and BPS has similar hormone disrupting characteristics.  However, BPS is more stable than BPA so it cannot biodegrade.  This means not only does it exist in our environment longer but it remains and builds up in the body longer.  There really is no "safe" plastic.

UPDATE 7.29.13: In conversations over the weekend, I realized I needed to add some information about plastic water bottles.  One of the most dangerous things you can do is drink out of a plastic water bottle that has been sitting in your hot car.  This produces similar effects as that of microwaving plastic, which is a big no-no.  The heat causes even more toxic chemicals to leak into your drink.

What we use instead:  (all of these items can be purchased at my Amazon store.

I just got Emerson a Klean Kanteen water bottle from Pottery Barn Kids, and he loves it!  You can also buy them here!

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles:

Stainless Steel Containers:

Pyrex glass bowls:
Pyrex Mixing Bowls with Lids
Pyrex Glass Containers

Silicone ice cube trays:

Stainless Steel, wood and silicone utensils

Le Creuset Cookware:


We recently bought these stainless steal straws, and we LOVE them!  No more plastic straws in our house.  We use them for our green, green juice recipe HERE and our Low Glycemic Index Smoothies, recipe HERE.

I bought ours on Amazon: Coco Straws

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