Friday, April 19, 2013

Green Green Juice Recipe

We have been juicing a lot recently, and Emerson LOVES it!  He drinks at least half of our "Green Green Juice" whenever we make it.  I have received several requests for my juice recipe since I posted a picture of Emerson helping me make juice:

While I do not have a set "recipe", I do have a template I typically follow.  This morning's juice was made with our delicious organic farmer's market finds:

I used a bunch of kale, one apple (Fiji or Gala or something of equal sweetness), a quarter of a lemon, a bunch of carrots, a quarter of a cucumber and 2 stalks of celery.  I vary the amount of each vegetable each time based on what we have.  I will also you ginger instead of lemon sometimes.  The ginger gives it a nice spice, but sometimes I accidentally use too much, which makes it too spicy for Emerson.  I will also use organic beets sometimes (but be careful because many beets are GMO).  I also do not always use cucumber.  Sometimes I like to throw in some lettuce (green leaf, red leaf or romaine), too.

Our morning juice:

1 bunch of organic kale
1 apple (Gala or Fiji or one of equal sweetness)
3-5 carrots depending on size (the more you use the sweeter the juice will taste)
3-5 stalks of celery
Optional add ins: 
Beets (with greens)
Lettuce (Romaine, red leaf or green leaf)
**All ORGANIC Ingredients**

What's your favorite juice recipe?

I have found that I crave green juice on the days I do not make it.  I also have more energy and a better mood when I drink it.  I feel it gives me more energy than a cup of coffee or tea.  Try serving your delicious Green Green Juice with my favorite eco-friendly stainless steel straws!

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