Monday, May 18, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It's the end of the school year, and that means it is time to thank our wonderful teachers and school staff for all their amazing hard work.  My son goes to an environmentally forward Montessori school so I wanted to give the teachers something that reflected that sentiment but was also somewhat homemade, creative and hand made in part by my son.  Therefore, I decided to get some plain white coffee mugs and have my three year old son paint them.  I bought the mugs at Michaels.  They came as a kit with the paint, and you simply paint them then bake them to set the paint.  Super easy.  Next my son and I went to the store and picked out herbs, which we planted in the mugs with tags reading "Thanks for helping me grow!"  Of course, the teachers and staff will eventually need to relocate the herbs to a larger vessel with drainage holes and can then use the mugs for coffee, tea or even pens at their desk.  They were a big hit!  My son loved painting the mugs and letting me know which one goes to which teacher.  I found the tags by searching free printable online and simply tied them on with natural string.  I even saw one of the gifts sitting on the recipient's desk as I left the school today.  Remember to thank your teachers!  Everyone deserves to be appreciated for jobs well done!

Enjoy and Thrive!!

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