Thursday, November 8, 2012

Amber Teething Necklace

(Update on 3.22.13 about where to buy at the bottom of this blog post)

It was a rough few days in the Hillis household.  Our normally very happy little man was becoming increasingly irritable.  After four restless days and nights, we were desperate!  Teething hurts!  I really do not like giving Emerson medicine and prefer to take the natural route whenever possible.  My friend swears by the raw amber teething necklace.  I was a skeptic, but remember I was desperate.  On Tuesday when I finally got my uncomfortable little nug down for a nap I immediately took to the internet to rush order a raw amber teething necklace.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  I was so excited when the necklace arrived on Wednesday.  We immediately opened the box and put the necklace on Emerson.  I have to say....these skeptics became believers!  We noticed a difference right away, and he slept amazing last night!  I wish I had bought one a year ago!!

Some notes when ordering your necklace:
Raw amber works the best because it has higher levels of succinic acid, which is the natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory found in amber.  Typically, the lighter the color the stronger the amber; however, too high amounts of succinic acid can irritate the skin.  Therefore, we chose a medium colored necklace.  (Emerson has sensitive skin).  The necklace is supposed to be worn against the skin (under clothes) and is not meant as a "teether" or to be chewed on by your teething infant.  The heat from the skin causes the acid to release.  It also works best if it is worn 24/7.  We co-sleep so it is easy for me to keep an eye on him while he wears it to sleep, but I can see how this would worry some parents whose children sleep in another room.  The necklace is only $19 and can be purchased via the link below.  I recommend this one because the beads are individually tied so if your little one breaks it beads do not go everywhere.

Buy Teething Necklace Here!

Good luck to all the parents of teething infants!!!


  1. It is amazing how Emerson's attitude has improved form the teething necklace. I never thought this would actually work. Good work baby!

  2. I also love the amber necklaces though my son doesn't 'need' it anymore, he still sleeps with it. Here's my blogpost on our experience: I have also started following your blog. Please return the favor. It'll be great sharing resources together!

  3. I came across your blog while doing research on amber teething beads. I just ordered one for my LO. FIngers crossed! Great post!

    1. Thank you, Corley! I am so glad you found and enjoyed my post! I hope the necklace works as well for you and your little one as it has for us!