Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The many uses of coconut oil!

Lately I feel like I am becoming like the dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Except instead of always saying "put Windex on it" I am saying "put coconut oil on it." Travis uses it all the time now, too. I am constantly finding new uses for coconut oil. I love it! It is all natural, has anti-fungal properties and a high smoke point.

Here are some of the many ways I use coconut oil. I encourage you to research and try some uses that I have not mentioned.

Kitchen: I cook and bake with it.
House: I use it as furniture polish.
Baby: it is great for cradle cap, diaper rash, chapped cheeks, dry skin, teething rash, body lotion
Beauty and body: hair de-frizzer, hair gel, blemishes, chapstick, face lotion, body lotion, eye makeup remover, bath moisturizer, put on nipples after breast feeding, after-shave, hand cream, cuticle conditioner, acne, sunscreen (natural SPF rating of 4-10)
Health: yeast infection treatment (ingesting and topically), energy booster, heart healthy, can help stabilize blood sugar, promotes a healthy thyroid, contains antioxidants, oil pulling

I keep a couple of jars in the kitchen, a jar in my cleaning caddy and a jar in our bathroom.

Healthy regards!

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